The RA Journey Reliability policy stream looks at the transport experience through the eyes of the customer, and how we can make journeys more efficient, seamless and responsive across different modes.

We do this by:

  • advocating for customers and communities to be central to transport and infrastructure strategic decisions;
  • supporting the integration of transport networks for seamless user experience across modes;
  • bringing together national experience in congestion management; and
  • encouraging best practice in asset management against customer needs.

Our Journey Reliability policy activites and events are underpinned by our ongoing support for workplace diversity and inclusion.


Key actions for 2020/21

  • Undertake workshops to develop proposals for bus network reforms.
  • Undertake primary research in the community as part of a social licence project, focussed on creating a user-centric future for mobility.
  • Conduct a forum to explore the role of roads within the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) ecosystem and the impact upon the user.


Recent activities

  • Hosted a webinar to explore how the COVID experience might impact on MaaS models in Australia, and published a follow-up podcast.



Policy Stream Chair
Aneetha de Silva
MD - Government, Aurecon


Deputy Chair
Steve Cooley
Director, Asset Management
and Optimisation, AECOM


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